Indago – Multimedia Final Year BA Project


The Project

Indago takes the heritage experience outside of the walls of the centre. It is a mobile application which allows visitors to a city to explore stories of interest to them. The interface allows them to engage with the culture of the city around them in an interactive and relevant way. The aim is to allow people to explore the city themselves and discover snippets of information which piques their interest, gives them a deeper connection with the places they are visiting and so that they will be enticed to visit the various heritage centres around the city to find out more information.

The Technique

Indago_a1PosterFinalIndago layers heritage narratives which tell the stories of different characters or themes and context narratives which give the visitor an insight into the world in which the story they are exploring is set in. The users can choose a topic to explore, and view a map with the locations
of the stories connected to that topic. As they explore they may stumble upon the context stories which are dotted around the city. The application has been created using HTML, Javascript and CSS scripting. HTML and Javascript allow the application to workout the location of the user and their proximity to the nearest story.

The Future

The future possibilities for Indago include expanding the use to other cities, and developing a database which heritage centres could log into and add stories connected to their centres. Developing the user profile to become more responsive so that it tracks the places that the visitors have been to in the past and make suggestions about which topics they may be interested in. How the stories are presented could also be developed – for example creating animations of the stories, using imagery and audio or creating options for different languages.