IFES:Ireland – CU Annual Conference

As part of my media internship with IFES:Ireland the Christian Unions, I was asked to join the CU Annual Conference (CUAC) Planning Team, taking on the role of Publicity Manager. This role included designing the branding of the conference which was titled “Holiness By His Strength” and generating awareness about the conference through various media.

Before Christmas, I made a teaser trailer and save the date cards to be given to the CU’s across Ireland so that they would start getting excited for the conference.

Then after Christmas, I created the official Promotional Video (below), flyer and a CUAC Advocacy Pack for students promoting the conference in their own CU’s. As the conference got closer, I utilised our Facebook Page to promote the event using images I had taken at last years conference and quotes from previous years, and in the last 10 days I used past images and the branding to countdown to the conference.


For the branding I was asked
to create a image which made  holiness approachable and not distant, and which reflected
our reliance on the Lord for this holiness in our lives. My interpretation of this brief was to create a gradient background from red to white which signifies the blood which cleanses us. “Holiness” is in a font whic is approachable and relatable, then the “By His Strength”  is stronger and under the word Holiness as the steady foundation. Then to signify growth I have added in a plant growing out of the “o”  like it was a seed.




Untitled 3.001